Value Added Features in IRIS Sapphire

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Value Added features

Here in IRIS Sapphire, we are not just providing return filing solution but also providing some value-added feature

Value Added Features are as below:

  1. Dashboard – Here you can see the key highlights from the monthly return GSTR 3B as well as some important reports like Settlement of tax liability
  2. Bulk Upload – Bulk data upload facility for returns GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 9 and ITC 04
  3. Vendor Management – Here you can upload your customer and vendor’s master details
  4. My Network – Through this feature you are enabled to share your data with your counter-parties.
  5. GST Data – Through this feature you are enabled to fetch data from GST system for all your GSTINs and for all filing periods.
  6. Ledger – Through this feature, you can view the ledger balances and entries
  7. Utilities_Search GSTIN – Through this feature, you can search 500 GSTINs at one go and get those taxpayers details as well as here track return facility is also available.
  8. Utilities_Search GSTIN by PAN – Through this feature, you can search GSTIN registered under that PAN and its filing status
  9. Utilities_Search HSN – Through this feature, you can search valid HSN and tax rate applied for that HSN.
  10. Compliance Tracker – Through this feature, see GSTN session for all GSTIN in one glance whether active or not, get to know GSTIN who actively do activities through IRIS Sapphire and also get to filing history.
  11. Resource – Here you will find all the ready reference material.
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