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IRIS Garnet – Offline Utility Tool

IRIS Garnet helps you transform all your invoice details into a standard format capturing all the details as required by GSTN and with complete validation of data. You can simply export data from your ERP systems, upload in IRIS Garnet, define one-time mapping and generate rule file and Transform all your ERP outputs in minutes with IRIS Garnet.

Key highlights of IRIS Garnet

  1. Large businesses spread across multiple locations. They have different ERP solutions across the various location. Also, a team who does accounting entries have their own way to record it. So the real problem faced by many taxpayers is how to consolidate data in one format for preparing GST returns. So this transformation of various ERP output in one standard format fulfilling the requirement of GST return format is easily possible by using IRIS Garnet.
  2. IRIS Garnet is an offline tool to transform and organize taxpayer’s GST data.
  3. Garnet is compatible with .xls and .csv file formats.
  4. The taxpayer can, if needed, add rules manually and customize the tool to his needs
  5. It also validates taxpayer data at the source system itself.
  6. Also, it helps to clean special characters if any other than “/ “and “-” which are not allowed for GST returns.

To know the process how to use IRIS Garnet click here.

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