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  1. Can we fill in the columns relevant only to us in the input format and delete the remaining?
  • Information mandatory and relevant to the entity must be filled in the format. However, since the format is static, kindly do not disturb the series of the columns and leave those blank in case these are not applicable and not mandatory.


  1. Values entered as 21,345.00 is not getting accepted and prompted with structural error, why?
  • Values are required to be entered without ‘commas’ (,). Also, values are allowed up to two decimal places.


  1. A technical exception error stating ‘GSTN of Taxpayer and Document type invalid’ is prompted on uploading the .csv file, why so?
  • Prior to converting the excel file, kindly ensure to delete not only the instruction but also the blank rows if any left before the instruction part. The csv conversion takes the values for these blank rows and hence the error.


  1. Do we need to update UQC and Quantity for services also?
  • There has been a recent change in the HSN/SAC schema done at the GSTN which has made the UQC and Quantity field mandatory and hence you need to update these unlike earlier (GSTR-1) practice. To maintain data consistency, kindly update UQC for services as ‘OTH’ and quantity as ‘1’.


  1. Error is prompted from GSTN for invoice number even though it is error free. Invoice number ‘DA 375’.
  • Invoice number should be numeric or alpha numeric containing 16 characters only and should not contain any special characters (eg. &, @, #,\) except ‘/’ and ‘-‘. In the current invoice number, a ‘^’ (space) is included which is not accepted at GSTN and hence the error of invalid JSON is prompted.


  1. Error is prompted on csv upload in-spite of all fields are correctly filled in. Error is a structural saying ‘Value for GSTN of taxpayer, document type is missing’.
  • The input format of IRIS is a static one. No blank rows are accepted in this format. Kindly ensure the format is not disturbed by deletion of data from row keeping it blank. In current scenario, the first two rows of PED and Return type are further edited to include a blank row before the headers and hence the error is prompted. Kindly delete the blank rows within the format.


  1. Serial number is a compulsory field for line item data? For multiple invoices from same counterparty can be serially numbered from 1 onwards?
  • Yes, this is a mandatory field. For data given on line-item basis, serial number represents individual line-item within a single invoice. So, for a counterparty raising multiple invoices, each invoice will be serially numbered as 1 and not 1, 2, 3
  1. Error is prompted on csv upload in-spite of all fields are correctly filled in. Error is a structural saying ‘Incorrect invoice value’.
  • The ‘Total Invoice value’ should be repeated for every individual line item. Taxable value represents the value of line item while the Total invoice value is the value of the Invoice as a whole including all the line item data within an invoice. Please refer sample data in input format.




  1. Unable to log-in using the portal invitation sent.
  • The invitation link sent by the IRIS GST remains active for 48 hours only. Users need to get themselves registered within this time-line. Beyond this, the link expires and is required to be resent. Kindly contact the SPOC for the user entity in such cases.


  1. Unable to see assigned multiple taxpayer entities for the login, please suggest corrective action.
  • Kindly click on your user login name on extreme top right hand corner. Now click on the entity name just besides the user login name on right hand corner on the top. This will redirect you to hierarchy page and now you can enter the assigned entities.


  1. Unable to see generate OTP in-spite of being assigned with ‘Signatory’ role.
  • OTP generation can be done by an ‘Admin’ only.


  1. File is uploaded successfully but nothing is rendered on the upload page.
  • Uploaded data gets rendered in the ‘View’ section.


  1. Excel file contains 87 entries, but the IRIS portal renders invoice data for 4 invoices only.
  • Excel contains the line item data and hence, the number of entries is 87. IRIS portal renders the data first on invoice level thereby clubbing the respective line-items within an invoice and on entering within an invoice, all the line item data within an invoice gets rendered. Hence, the entry reduction is there.


  1. Uploaded the data on IRIS portal but unable to view the same.
  • Kindly check for which GSTR section (GSTR-1 or GSTR-2) of IRIS portal is the data uploaded. Also, if file is uploaded in incorrect GSTR section, this will prompt a structural error of ‘Incorrect return type’.


  1. What if the .csv is uploaded all over again after reconciliation actions are taken?
  • If the data in the new csv is on incremental basis then, the reconciliation will take place for the incremental data. If the csv is the same as that of the previous data which was earlier uploaded, then the earlier csv will be replaced and hence the reconciliation auctioned upon will go away. Reconciliation, in such cases will have to be performed all over again.


  1. Can more than 50 invoices be viewed at a single point of time?
  • You can select the number of invoices to be viewed on a single page by selecting 50/100/500 at the right hand bottom of the page.


  1. Can a single person have multiple roles in same tax-paying entity?
  • A single user can have different roles in different tax-paying entity, but not within the same tax-paying entity. In such cases the user can be assigned a role of an Admin whereby all type of functions can be performed within a single tax-paying entity.


  1. Unable to generate the OTP. IRIS Portal giving an error, OTP not generated.
  • Kindly ensure whether your long session with GSTN is activated for API access. PFA the document detailing how to manage your API access long session.
  1. When will be the report section live?
  • The report module is being developed on a large scale and will employ various matrices to include different permutation and combination of reports. Once this module is ready, it will be integrated with IRIS GST.

12. Can the name of the counter-party be fetched in the IRIS portal for GSTR-2A?

  • A Tax-payer API is something which can be used to make this feature available. But instead of incorporating the database for all over India tax-payers, we, at IRIS will be working around to create a similar API. The details of such counter-parties will be fetched from GSTN.

13. Can IRIS Portal flash up latest GSTN news and announcements?

  • We do have this in our roadmap.



This section includes all process related queries regarding first time using IRIS GST portal, downloading GSTR-2A, conversion of .csv to excel and hence, all related material is patched up herewith.


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