E-Sign GSTR 1

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E-sign GSTR 1

After submission of GSTR 1, for authentication of return you need to do E-sign.

Follow the below mentioned steps for E-sign:

  • If DSC Signer is not already installed on your system then install it. To download DSC Signer, go to ‘Resources’ page, click ‘DSC Signer’ under ‘Utilities’ section.

  • Run DSC Signer Software, it will check for updates. If there are no updates available user will be shown “Your software is up to date” message. Else, newer version of the software will get downloaded on user’s system which then user is required to install and run.
  • Insert DSC token and click ‘Esign’ in the application. A popup will appear.
  • Provide following information in the popup and proceed:
    • Authorised Signatory’s PAN
    • Select certificate from the dropdown
    • Provide password for the certificate
  • If all the provided information is correct, you will get a popup confirming that your return for the month has been filed successfully along with the acknowledgement number.
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