Business Hierarchy

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Business Hierarchy

This API will allow user to get details of all the companies created for him on IRIS Topaz. Along with company details user will get access control information also.

Request Parameters

The input parameters will be supported in the API request are as below:

  • X-Auth-Token: A authentication token that needs to passed in all subsequent requests
  • Root Company ID: The unique identifier (corresponds to the root Business) of a company in IRIS TOPAZ system that authorizes the user’s subsequent requests.
  • Content-Type: “application/json” needs to be passed
Response Parameters

The API will respond with an enveloped response with a collection of results object. The response information is as below:

  • Status: Success/Failure
  • Company Details – CompanyId, Parent Company Id, Company Type (BUSINESS/LEGAL/FILING/POB), child company details and role (0 or 1)

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