Group Level Reports

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Group Level Reports

There are three reports under root PAN Level details. So the user who has access at root PAN level can only generate these reports.

For an entity having more than one GSTIN, it is important to get a view at the entity as a whole to identify the cases of cross-referencing of GSTINs within your Business Group. The detailed analysis on missing invoices will help to identify the scenarios where the vendors have raised invoices to some different GSTIN but within your PAN.

Click on below-mentioned Group level reports to view it in detail:

1. List of Invoices in Supplier Only and Purchaser Only across the group

2. List of common invoices in Supplier Only and Purchaser Only across the group, includes across taxpayer GSTIN, across the financial year and across regular and amendment section

3. PAN level report for 2A (B2BA and CDNA)

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