Introduction to IRIS Sapphire

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IRIS Sapphire is a comprehensive and integrated offering for your GST return filing and compliance, built to make life easy for enterprises.

IRIS Sapphire is an application built with a highly scalable, available and secure architecture that will help you to file with GST. With built-in analytics and dashboards, IRIS Sapphire will ensure that you stay compliant, while always having a pulse on the process.

You can gather powerful insights from your GST data through various reports like Purchase Analysis, Comparative 1-3B, Counterparty Analysis, and more. It automates most of the work of your teams so that they can concentrate on actually compliance reporting rather than struggling with spreadsheets. You can easily get rid of conventional tools like spreadsheets and other single-purpose applications and manage your compliance processes like a pro with easy-to-use features.

Our Amazon cloud-based application lets you create, update, and store data in a secured environment that goes a long way. With our advanced features like vendor management, GSTR 9 automation, GST Reconciliation, form support for GSTR 6, 7 and 8, and more you can experience an overall increase in your team productivity.

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