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To view other additional standard reports, click on the “Reports” tab. Select a report from the list and apply the filter as per your requirement and get the insight for that report. Also, the facility to export a report in .csv file is available.

These all reports categorized in various sections as follows:

1. Summary – These reports will provide you the overview and these are part of Dashboard.

2. Comparative 1-3B – These reports will provide you tax level detailed comparison between two returns.

3. Sales Analysis – Based on GSTR 1 data, here you can see an analysis of sales.

4. Purchase Analysis – Based on GSTR 2A, here you can see an analysis of GSTR 2A data like Overview and summary details of GSTR 2A, purchases with ineligible ITC, etc.

5. Monthly Return (3B) – Based on GSTR 3B, here you can see an analysis of ITC classification, ITC cross-utilization, Net ITC available, etc.

6. Top 10 – Here you will get top 10 details like top 10 counterparties, top 10 vendors, top 10 HSN, etc.

7. Counterparty Analysis – Here you will get reports like new vendors and new customers become part of your business

8. ITC analysis – By using these reports, you can analyse ITC available to you.

Let’s understand each report and its scope. Click here.

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