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Calculate Values

This feature is provided to calculate invoices value based upon data available in ERP Output. Many times in ERP output, Total Invoice value is not provided and only Line item level totals, taxable values, and tax amounts are provided. 

So to calculate total invoice value, you can use this feature and minimize your manual work of summation.

Let’s see the process of how to use this feature:

1. In Data preparation tab, you will get calculate values feature. Select it.

2. Browse your ERP output here. File in .xls and .csv format are allowed to browse.

3.  Now select sheet number from your ERP output in which data is present and you want to calculate values for that sheet. E.g. Sheet 1 has data then enter value as 1 over here.

4.  Provide “Row No of Header of ERP Output”. E.g. In your ERP output, headers of data started from row no. 3 then enter value here as 3

5.  Select Dimensions – Here you need to decide unique combination of factors based on which values need to consider to derive at Invoice value. E.g. GSTIN of Counterparty, Document/invoice no., Document type, etc.

6. Select Parameters – Here you need to select field of values which you want clubbed to derive at Invoice value e.g. taxable value and tax amount

7. Once you selected all the above fields, now click on “Calculate Invoice Value”

8. Once this process is done, in your ERP output itself, one column of total invoice value will get added as last column of your data.

Now go to Create and Edit rule feature for the creation of rule file for the transformation of your data as IRIS Input format.

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