GSTIN Level View

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GSTIN Level View:

View section, you can see at the GSTIN level. Select the GSTIN from the business hierarchy for which you want to view invoices.

GSTIN Level View-8

Here in the view section, you can see four sections mentioned as follows:

  • IRN not Generated – Here you can see all B2B invoices uploaded by you and for which IRN is not generated
  • IRN Generated – Here you can see all B2B invoices for which IRN is generated
  • B2C – Here you can see invoices with invoice type B2C i.e. transactions with an unregistered counterparty for which IRN is not required to generate.
  • Other – Here you can see other document types like Bill of Entry (BOE), Delivery Challan (DC) and Other and invoices having supply type as I i.e. inward with document type other than B2C. These other documents will not get considered for IRN generation

Viewing invoice details:

1. Click on Document No. to view the details. So here you can firstly see the summary.

1 View -1


2. If you want to see all provided details then click on “All Provided”

2 View-23. If you want to see all fields that are available in input format then click on ‘Full View’

3 View-3

4. View section will display invoice-level details along with errors/warnings (if any). You can also click on error and warning icons in the Error/Warning tab to see the details.

4 View-4.1

4 View-4.2

The red colour symbol shows an error message and the orange color symbol shows a warning message.

Also to view errors and warnings at an item level, click on “Check for errors at the line item level”.


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