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Adding Business hierarchy process for New User:

If you are a new user then two options are available for setting up business hierarchy.

  1. First option – Use the predefined CSV format. IRIS will provide csv format refer the file named as “Topaz import hierarchy”. In this format give all details related to hierarchy and import this hierarchy in IRIS TOPAZ. For required fields also refer the annexure.
  2. Second option – Create hierarchy directly in IRIS TOPAZ.

So for this refer the below process:

1. Add business – As a first time user, you needs to add your business into this application.

After log in to the portal, you can see one tab of user name on top of right hand corner. Just click on that tab, you will get an option of “+BUSINESS”. So by using that option you can add your business.

Make a note of one thing i.e. fields with the asterisk marks (*) are mandatory.

Following details are required for adding business:

1. Business Name* – Here you need to provide parent entity name

2. PAN Noof Business entity* – Provide PAN of Parent entity

3. Address of Business entity – Provide address of Parent entity

4. After this you need to click on Save & Continue, wherein you need to fill in the subscription details.

So after providing subscription details process of adding business will get completed.

5. Here if you want to directly upload all your business hierarchy by using predefined Csv format then you need to click on “Save and continue” then you will go into the next tab of “Import Business hierarchy” then there you need to import your csv file. Here the step of adding business hierarchy will get completed.

2. Add Legal entity – Second step is adding a legal entity. In case the business entity has any subsidiaries, then the same can be added as “Legal Entity”.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Click on settings
  2. In that Manage Entity, you need to click on “+ Business”
  3. Then provide the required information i.e.

  1. Legal entity name* – This is name of subsidiary company
  2. PAN No. of Legal entity* – Provide PAN of subsidiary company
  3. Address of Legal entity – Provide address of subsidiary company
  4. Click on save

This will complete the process of adding Legal entity.

3. Add Taxpayer – Third step is adding taxpayer. All your GSTINs need to be added as taxpayer. So for all those GSTINs you will able to generate E-way bills.

So after adding legal entity, you again need to click on Settings to add your taxpayer.

Following details are required for taxpayer:

  1. Parent Business name* – It will be auto-populated
  2. Taxpayer Name* – Here need to provide Taxpayer name. Based on state also you can provide name e.g. Opal_Maharashtra or Opal_Gujrat
  3. GSTIN of taxpayer* – Provide GSTIN of that taxpayer
  4. Taxpayer type – E.g. Normal or SEZ. You need to select this type from the drop down option
  5. User name set for IRIS GSP* – Provide username i.e. registered with NIC. We require this for authentication. For this refer page related to “Enabling API access to IRIS GSP
  6. Address line 1 and 2 of taxpayer
  7. Pin code*
  8. State*
  9. Phone no.
  10. Email

After providing all the details click on save so that the taxpayer will get added.

4. Add Place of Business (POB) – Here we are providing one additional facility of adding place of business. So once you have added your taxpayer based on that one default place of business will get added. And if you have more than one place of business then that can be added through by clicking on “+ Place of Business”And there you need to provide details like

  1. Place of Business (POB) Name*
  2. Address line 1 and 2 of POB
  3. Pin code*
  4. State*
  5. Phone and Email

After providing all the details click on save so that the POB will get added. And this will complete the process of adding Place of business (POB).

5. Add Users

The next step is to allocate users to the entities added. In IRIS Topaz, we provide the option of adding users. Here at any level means at Business Level or Taxpayer Level or Place of Business level you are allowed to add users and assign roles to them.

  1. The level at which you want to invite user, you need to click on that entity. E.g. if you want to invite user at taxpayer level then you need to click on that name of that particular taxpayer
  2. Then you need to click on settings
  3. Next, you need to click on Manage Users
  4. In that click on “Invite User”
  5. Then provide the email id and the assign a role to that user
  6. Click it on “Invite”

This will complete the process of inviting users.

As well as on this note, we complete the process of adding business hierarchy for new user.



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