IRIS Onyx-Introduction and Features Overview

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IRIS ONYX- Introduction

IRIS Onyx is the solution for e-invoicing compliance in India. Using IRIS Onyx, a taxpayer can get an IRN generated, cancelled, and complete all other operations supported by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) of the Government.

The IRIS Onyx platform has been designed and built on big data technology to be able to process and manage very high volumes of transactional data with high velocity. Guiding principles of high availability, security, scalability, durability and flexibility have been factored into the design of the platform’s architecture. The platform is built on services-oriented architecture having low latency, which allows for additional value-added service modules to be plugged in seamlessly.

IRIS Onyx application will be hosted in the Mumbai region of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Being an ISO 27001:2013 certified product, it demonstrates a commitment to information security at every level.

Data which is pushed to Onyx, irrespective of the type of integration, will always be available in IRIS Onyx web portal. All features of web, including the below-mentioned, will be available.

  • Generate IRN for parked invoice
  • Generate, Cancel, Print and Share Invoice
  • Bulk download of invoices, IRN generated and errors

IRIS ONYX – Features Overview

IRIS Onyx enables you to:

  1. Generate IRN and Cancel IRN
  2. Generate QR Code for B2C Transactions
  3. Set up the business hierarchy at POB level
  4. Generate E-way bill and cancel E-way bill
  5. Fetch document details by IRN
  6. Fetch the E-way bill details by IRN
  7. Verify QR code
  8. Print invoices in customized templates
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