Introduction to GSTR 1 Preparation

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Snapshot of features for GSTR 1 in IRIS Sapphire

  • Invoices for multiple GSTINs can be uploaded in single file (subject to size limitation of 20MB). IRIS Sapphire will sort and upload the invoices in respective GSTINs.
  • Validation of Counter-party GSTIN with GSTN database
  • Filters to VIEW invoices based on parameters like Error/Warning, GSTN status, Counter-party etc
  • Download all or filtered invoices. For large volume invoices, optimization is being done. While from application, large volume download can be triggered; there could be limitation of CSV/Excel to view beyond a certain number of records
  • View of errors in case of aggregate sections – B2CS, HSN, Advances, Doc Details
  • Dual view of GSTR return data
    • GSTR 1 Summary which is based on the GST System logic.
    • GSTR 1 Invoice and other details view based on the PDF format released by the Govt
  • Fetch GSTR 1 Summary from GST System – Available as CSV download and consists of summary of data available at GST System
  • Comparison of GSTR 1 Summary generated on IRIS Sapphire and GST System. This comparison will help to reconcile data available on IRIS Sapphire and saved at GST System
  • Once you filed your GSTR 1, the feature of tracking return status for every filing period is also available.
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