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Generated by Me

In the first tab of “Generated by Me” you can view the all E-way bills generated by you. For the searching purpose, we provided various filters over here. Also, you are allowed to take some actions like Update Part B/cancel EWB/Update transporter and Extend validity. See all these features explained in detail as below:

Filter Option – In this application, we are providing one facility of “Filter”. You can filter the data based on various parameters. Following are the parameters based on which you can view your data

  1. Status of E-way bill – Status like Active, Active but not yet valid on basis of these you can view your EWB data
  2. Generated From Date – On basis of EWB generated from data you can view those particular EWBs
  3. Generated To Date – On basis of EWB generated to date, you can view those particular EWBs
  4. Receiver GSTIN – For particular receiver GSTIN you can search your E-way bill
  5. Supplier GSTIN – For particular supplier GSTIN you can search your E-way bill
  6. EWB no. – Based on EWB no. you can search the required data
  7. Document Type – Based on document type you can get EWB generated
  8. Supply Type – Based on supply type you can get EWB generated
  9. Sub Supply Type – Based on the sub-supply type you can get EWB generated
  10. Transportation Mode – Based on the sub-supply type you can get EWB generated
  11. Document Number – Based on document number also you can get EWB generated against that document

View E-way bill

By clicking on EWB no., you can view E-way bill.

Here you can see the details like EWB no., status, rejection status, transaction details, supplier and receiver address, item details, transport details and vehicle history. Here the vehicle history will get updated as and when there is any update of Part B by the transporter.

Print E-way Bill Option

Also, option of taking print out in summary format or in detailed format of E-way bill is available.

1. Summary Print – In summary print, you will get the Summary details of Part A and Part B of E-way bill.

2. Detailed Print – In detailed print, you will get all details covered in E-way bill.

Refresh EWB Status

The option of refreshing EWB status is also available. So here you need to click on refresh button given in action column to know the latest status of EWB generated.

Also, there is a bulk refresh option as well. Click here to know more about bulk refresh.

Download EWB

You will also get an option to download E-way bills.

Actions that you can take:

As the E-way bill is generated by you hence below actions you can take :

For the detailed process follow the links:

  1. Update Part B
  2. Cancel E-way bill
  3. Update Transporter
  4. Extend Validity
  5. Consolidated EWB
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