Vendor Management

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Vendor Management

Here you will get the option of maintaining master data of your customers and vendors. IRIS defined one master data uploadation input format. In that input format, you need to enter all required details.

And then upload this data on IRIS Sapphire. Here while upladation, some structural validation rules will get run on your data to check whether provided details are valid or not.

This facility is available on GSTIN level. So based on access rights, you can upload vendor master data on IRIS Sapphire

Usage of maintaining vendor master – In Reconciliation, on click of Send Mail button after selecting single/multiple records of a single counterparty, compose window will appear with auto-filled email addresses (which are present in Vendor Management for the pertinent counterparty).

Let’s see process flow:

  • Upload Master Data as per IRIS input format
    • Check for any structural errors are there in data
    • If yes then clear out all the errors and upload data again
  • Review Master Data
    • Check for uploaded data and Fetch basic details from GSTN

To know detailed process click on the above links.

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