Ways to Interact with IRIS E-Invoicing (Pro)

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IRIS Onyx can be accessed through multiple interfaces i.e. manual CSV . upload, SFTP and API method.

Let’s understand about these ways to interact with IRIS Onyx:

  1. Manual CSV . upload – First way is to manually upload your data in CSV . format on IRIS Onyx. For downloading input format, go to IRIS Onyx (https://einv.irisgst.com) ->Resource -> Click on input format
  2. SFTP – Second way is through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). IRIS SFTP Server is on Amazon Cloud hosted in India. Taxpayers will send the one or multiple files to IRIS SFTP and from there, the files will be sent to IRIS Onyx Platform. Once the file is processed and IRNs are generated, the response will be posted back on SFTP servers. Taxpayers will need to read the response files for taking back the IRN response.
  3. API Method – Third way is the API method. For this, you need to integrate IRIS Onyx API in your ERP system. So through this API, you need to call various API to interact with IRIS Onyx e.g. Call Upload API to upload your data. For uploading of data there are two ways – one is upload in .csv format and second is upload in JSON format. In this method, there is less human intervention than the above-mentioned ways. Also here you can set up a scheduler; for example, every day at a fixed time the data will get uploaded on IRIS Onyx.
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