Invite Users

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Add Users

The next step is to allocate users to the entities added. In IRIS Topaz, we provide the option of adding users. Here at any level means at Business Level or Taxpayer Level or Place of Business level you are allowed to add users and assign roles to them.

  • The level at which you want to invite user, you need to click on that entity. E.g. if you want to invite user at taxpayer level then you need to click on that name of that particular taxpayer
  • Then you need to click on settings button available at Right-hand site of main menu bar
  • Next, you need to click on Manage Users
  • And then click on “Invite User”
  • Now provide the email id and the assign a role to that user
  • Then Click it on “Invite”
  • So that one invitation mail will get send to user and user need to accept and activate account.

Admin user is only one who have right to add new users or delete or edit assigned roles of existing users

Now here four types of roles of users are available. See in detail about role and its usages:


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