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Invite User

In IRIS Sapphire, we provide the option of adding the following five types of users to each GSTIN:

  • Admin: This is the first user of the business who registers with IRIS Sapphire and logs into it. This is the super-user of IRIS Sapphire and can perform all tasks/functions
  • Maker: The one who uploads invoices to IRIS Sapphire (in case of manual upload)
  • Preparer: The one who prepares the data according to return format and saves it to GST System
  • Signatory: The one who can submit returns. This user also has the responsibility of E-signing and filing the returns
  • Guest: The user who has read-only access to the data

Companies can assign specific roles and define access rights accordingly. Here are the steps to allocate a new user:

1. Firstly select the taxpayer or legal entity or main parent entity for which you want to invite user

2. Then click to settings

3. In settings click on Manage users

4. Click on the button for ‘Invite User’

5. The ‘Invite User’ screen will be displayed. On this screen, you will get an option to add a new user. On clicking the option, the application will request for the email id and role of the new user. After filling these details you need to click on ‘Invite’

If the invited user is new to IRIS Sapphire he/she will get an email with a short registration link as shown below. Otherwise user will be added to the platform directly.

Edit User Role

You can also edit the role of a user or delete the user after having allocated them. Here are the steps to edit/delete a user:

1. In the ‘Manage Users’ tab under the ‘Action’ column in the User table, you will see 4 options – ‘Resend Invitation’, ‘Change Role’, ‘Save Role’ and ‘Delete’

2. Resend Invitation: Click on this option to resend registration link to a user.

3. Edit: Click on ‘Change Role’ (for the user whose role you want to change). Then select a new role from the drop-down in ‘Role’ column. Click ‘Save Role’ to commit the changes to the portal

4. Delete: Click on ‘Delete’ on the Action column to delete the user

Note: Following table illustrates roles/permissions for different types of users on IRIS Sapphire.

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