Rule 1

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Rule 1. Across Financial Year

This rule will check invoices across financial year but whose invoice date is of the same financial year

Criteria for comparing invoices will be based on:

  • Counterparty GSTIN
  • Invoice Number
  • Document Financial year (i.e. financial year based on invoice date)

E.g. Invoice 1002 dated 31-01-2018 recorded by a supplier in filing period Jan 2018 but Purchaser recorded this invoice in June 2018. So for the Financial year 2017-2018, this particular invoice is in supplier only and for the financial year 2018-2019, this invoice is in purchaser only.

This particular invoice got recorded across the financial year. So by using this “Across Financial Year” advance reconciliation rule, these invoices will get compared and accordingly will get moved to Match/Value mismatch/Invoice mismatch category.

Note – If this rule 1 is selected along with any of other advanced reconciliation rules, then all selected rules are also get run across the financial year.

See below screenshot:

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