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GST Return Software

IRIS Sapphire

All in one powerful GST Solution for a seamless GST Return filing that supports multiple GST Return filing, PAN level data view, bulk operations, advanced 2A-Purchase Register reconciliation tool, vendor management and 100 % ITC Claims

  • Cloud-based Multi-user
  • ASP+GSP Solution
  • Secure and Scalable
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Regular Upgrades
  • Built-in Analytics & Dashboards

Why do you need GST Software for GST Filing?

Use of GST Software can simplify mundane tasks of GST Return filing like invoice data preparation and reconciliation by allowing bulk operations, automation and advanced reconciliation. Below are few reasons why you should use GST Software:

Reduces GST Return Preparation Time

With bulk import of sales data, bulk download of GSTR 2A and advanced reconciliation logics, reduce your return preparation time by almost 67%

IRIS Sapphire provides Seamless and Efficient Reporting

Provides Seamless and Efficient Reporting

PAN Level view, single login for multiple GSTINs, multi-user access and cloud-based collaborative platform offers efficient GST Filing

Maximizes ITC Claim

Features like matching invoices beyond financial years, beyond invoice numbers and other rule-based GST reconciliations and smarter algorithms offer higher 100% match of 2B -2P data

Maximizes ITC Claim with IRIS Sapphire

Boosts Vendor Compliance

Check vendor GSTINs, match GSTR 2A, bulk mail missing invoices and send reminders to vendors help in maximizing vendor compliance.

Why should You choose an ASP + GSP for GST Software?

Other Online Portals
  • Provides single user access per GSTIN, while upload and download of GST filing data.
  • Allows invoice data upload in a specific data format

  • Permits viewing of uploaded data only if the number of invoices is fewer than 500.
  • is cumbersome to handle big data sets of lacs of invoices manually.
ASP-GSP Combination like IRISGST
  • Provides a secure and stable link between the taxpayers and the GSTN.
  • Being authorized service providers, GSPs are the first ones to know any change/update in the GST Network hence product upgrade to the latest rules is the earliest.
  • Certified under ISO 27001:2013 security standards, GSPs do not store the transactional data filed in the returns and is just a pass-through
  • An Application Suvidha Provider (ASP) on the other hand assists in automation of GST Return preparation and upload on the GST Portal.
  • It also provides value added features like GST Reconciliation, MIS reports, dashboards etc.
  • In the case of ASP+GSP offering, the user needs to deal with single entity for technological as well as GST rules related queries.

IRISGST is one of the first authorized GSPs since 2017.

Questions to Ask before Finalizing Your GST Software

The Government seeks error-free and reliable GST filings by businesses. And your ITC claims are also based on timely compliance and optimum reconciliation with your vendors. However, the GST Return preparation, reconciliation and GST Filing, if done manually is time-consuming, error-prone, and complicated.

However, choosing a good Cloud-based GST software can automate your work and provide a multitude of insights into business with populated GST data.

Points to consider before buying GST Filing Software:

  • Is Your GST Software collaborative? ☺ ☹
  • Are you confident about the security of your data with your GST Software? ☺ ☹
  • How easy is it to upload your data in your GST software? ☺ ☹
  • Can you Upload and Download data at company level and work at a GSTIN Level? ☺ ☹
  • Does it validate your invoice data/vendor GSTINs and provide actionable results? ☺ ☹
  • Does it automate GST Reconciliation? ☺ ☹
  • Can it handle large data sets like multitude of invoices and not crash? ☺ ☹
  • Does it integrate with your ERP and offer a seamless experience? ☺ ☹
  • Is dedicated and timely customer support easily available? ☺ ☹
  • Does your GST software provide regular upgrades and updates as per change in GST Rules? ☺ ☹
  • Does it support all form types like ITC 04, GSTR 2X, GSTR 9 etc apart from the regular ones. ☺ ☹

If the answer to any of the above questions is No, it is time to upgrade to IRIS Sapphire

IRIS Sapphire

A GST software for small teams of large and mid-size companies spread across geographies. IRIS Sapphire offers faster GST return preparation, efficient vendor management and accurate ITC claim.

Trusted by more than 850+ business houses across the country IRIS Sapphire is built by an experienced team of Chartered Accountants, GST Consultants and tech experts.

Why IRIS Sapphire?

We handle Your data ‘Your Way’.

Upload your invoice data for return preparation the way you like i.e. manual upload, SFTP and/or via APIs.

For manual upload, our team supports you to transform all your invoice details into GSTN validated format. Simply export data from your ERP systems, map in our extraction tool and transform all your ERP outputs in minutes.

irisgst sapphire page (2)
IRISGST Sapphire AI and Automation (2)

Ensure 100% error-free filing

Ensuring data correctness’ is painful. IRIS Sapphire automates the entire report generation process with Artificial Intelligence to ensure 100% error-free filing.

Auto-fetch of GSTR 2A, automated reconciliation, pre-filled GST return Forms, auto-updated returns are a few basics with which IRIS Sapphire comes to you.

A User-Friendly Solution Your Entire Team Will Love

IRIS Sapphire supports all the major form filing required by GSTN: GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 6, GSTR 7, GSTR 8, GSTR 2X, ITC 04 and Annual Returns ( GSTR 9).

From GST Reconciliation to Simplified GST Returns and from latest GST updates to GST System upgrades, we are always on top of things, literally.

360 Solution

GST Return Forms
Supported by
IRIS Sapphire

GSTR1-a monthly return of outward supplies
GSTR3B-Claim ITC with summary Return for total values of purchases and sales
GSTR 6 is a monthly return that has to be filed by an Input Service Distributor
GSTR7 - Return to show tax deduction at source (TDS)
GSTR-8 - Return filed by e-commerce operators for Tax Collected at Source
GSTR 2X return need to be filed by taxpayer.
ITC04-Quarterl Return for job work
ITC 04
GSTR 9 is an annual return to be filed yearly

You are not alone in this!

Because compliance need not be taxing, we have got your back with dedicated customer support team, managed services and useful resources

24/7 Customer Support
IRISGST’s customer engagement team is ready to help you with onboarding, data import and reconciliation at the same time attending to all your technical and product related questions.
Managed Services
Get up and running quickly with onboarding and reconciliation with customised onboarding and managed recon services.
Knowledge Powerhouse
A GST think tank, IRISGST Team provides blog articles, e-books and monthly newsletter and conducts regular webinars to help your whole team stay updated with every new change in GST regime.

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