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Who is IRIS Credixo for?

IRIS Credixo helps financial institutions to extend lending opportunities to the SME and MSME sectors,
breaking barriers that traditional lending models struggled to overcome.
Upgrade legacy lending systems
Enhance lending capabilities
Leverage real-time invoice data
Take informed credit decisions
Streamline credit assessment and approval processes
Build cleaner credit portfolios
Build innovative credit products
Move beyond traditional limiting data sources
Crunch credit lending cycles
Explore AI-based advanced data analytics
Enable faster, low-risk credit approvals
Construct leaner and agile platforms

IRIS Credixo Process Flow

  • Lender’s Account Creation on IRIS Credixo
  • Input Stage
    Add which data/module is to be fetched
  • Authentication
    Fetch GST/E-invoicing/E-way Bill data with consent
  • Get the required result
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Use Cases

Loan Processing Journey

Business details like legal name, constitution (whether proprietor, firm, company etc.), main location and additional Place of Business (PoB) and the full filing history.

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Business Details
Gain clarity on customer’s business structure, identity, and operational history for precise credit assessments and informed lending.
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Compliance and Consistency
Verify consistent GST filings, indicating responsible financial conduct.
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Operational Efficiency
Analyze tax filing efficiency, reflecting overall business operational effectiveness.
Analyse bank statement credits and debits using AI
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Transaction Patterns
Study transaction history to identify spending patterns, recurring expenses, and income sources. This helps assess the customer’s financial behavior and predict their ability to meet loan obligations.
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Cash Reserves Evaluation
Examine the customer’s average account balance and savings trends to gauge their ability to handle unexpected expenses or financial emergencies, reducing the risk of default.
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Bank Score Calculation
Create a comprehensive Bank Score by incorporating relevant numerical parameters from the bank statement data. This score reflects the customer’s financial discipline and creditworthiness.
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Income Verification
Use bank statement data to verify the customer’s stated income and assess its consistency with actual bank deposits. This helps prevent misrepresentation and ensures accurate loan evaluations.
Comprehensive analysis of GST data in combination with bank information
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Comprehensive Risk Profiling
By combining bank and GST data, attain a comprehensive financial overview, leading to more precise lending determinations.
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Receivables Quality
Analyze bank transactions and GST data for robust receivables evaluation, ensuring consistent cash inflows.
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Payables Management
Cross-reference bank statements and GST data to derive payables’ credit periods, showcasing vendor ties and fiscal control.
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Ageing Insights
Employ both datasets for ageing analysis, highlighting pending receivables and payables, crucial for holistic risk assessment.
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Cash Flow Evaluation
Merge data to gauge cash circulation patterns, revealing liquidity levels and financial strength.

Supply Chain Finance and Trade Finance

Verifying invoice data before invoice verification discounting or financing using GST data and EWB data
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Optimized Working Capital
Provide working capital solutions that align with the supplier’s actual operational needs basis data triangulation and reduce cash flow gaps.
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Invoice Verification
AI based cross-referencing of GST invoices with bank transactions before invoice discounting or financing
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Ghost Transactions
Red-flagging ghost transactions where fictitious invoices are created to inflate revenues artificially.
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Supplier Performance
Get insights into supplier’s actual sales and payment history, giving a more accurate view of their performance enabling better risk assessment before extending trade finance
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Dynamic Financing Limits
Offer financing solutions tailored to the supplier’s actual business performance leading to more suitable and flexible financing terms.
Performing Invoice Audit to verify invoices after financing to ensure accuracy and compliance.
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EWB Data Verification
Match EWB details with the corresponding invoice and transaction data to ensure that the goods’ movement is accurately documented.
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Accuracy Assurance
Invoice Auditing to validate the accuracy of financial data, ensuring that invoiced amounts match actual payments received.
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Client Testimonials

Why Choose IRIS?

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Direct connection to the Government system
Being an IRP and a GSP, we have a direct connection to data, hence you get real time and first-hand information.
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A Unified Hub for Government Systems
Connect with diverse data sources and governmental systems effortlessly via the consolidated IRIS platform.
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Experienced Experts in Lending and GST Domain
Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals who possess deep knowledge in both the lending industry and the GST domain.*
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Cutting-Edge AI/ML Rule Engines Developed by Data Science Experts
Our rule engines are powered by an expert team of data scientists, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.*
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Streamlined Workflows Accessible via Intuitive APIs and User-Friendly Web Interface
All of our workflows can be seamlessly integrated into your systems through user-friendly APIs, making them easily accessible through a user-friendly web platform.
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With IRIS Credixo You Get

Cloud/SaaS Architecture
Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based architecture that enables you to access IRIS Credixo from anywhere, at any time.
Available as APIs
Considering the set systems of FIs and agility of fintechs’, IRIS Credixo is also available as APIs to easily integrated with your systems
Real-Time Data
Access real-time e-invoice data along with GST data to make informed decisions quickly and confidently
Alternate Credit Scoring Model*
Triangulate GST data with bank statements to make faster credit decisions. Expand the scoring dimensions by including GRRAS# e-invoice and e-way bills data
Early Warning System
Stay ahead of potential defaults with our early warning system that alerts you to potential risks before they become a problem.
Collection Analytics
Analyze your collection processes and make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and improve results.
#G=Granular R=Recent R= Relevant A=Accurate S=Standard


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Customer Hyper Targeting
Target your ideal customers with precision, triangulating GST data* with e-invoice data and bank statements resulting in an efficient acquisition process.
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Faster Loan Approvals
Complete digitized data transfer that helps to approve loans faster without compromising on risk evaluation.
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Lower Costs
Reduce underwriting, transaction, and search costs by using e-invoice data in combination with GST data.
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Increased Accuracy
Make better credit decisions with our advanced credit decisioning models and analytics.
*Built-in association with Metis Intellisystems Pvt. Ltd.

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