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The hassle

The hassle Importance of IRN in e-invoicing system With the introduction of IRN backed eInvoicing and EWB system, the government hopes to simplify the GST procedures and reduce the frauds

Kaun Tha?

Kaun Tha ? Erring on IRN ! Not possible An IRN is a unique number allotted by the IRP to identify a valid eInvoice under GST.

The Good News

The Good News New GST Returns has been scrapped The #newGSTreturns has been scrapped by the government, considering the complications taxpayer will have to face while making the shift. Instead,

The Setback

The Setback E-invoicing mandate in India The mandatory implementation of e-invoicing under GST was scheduled for April 1, 2020, however due to technical unavailability of the system; the same has


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The Christmas

Still awaiting your #Christmas present, wondering what could’ve delayed #Santa? Maybe this could help!To know more about NIL GST returns, read here.

The Prestige

Under #e-Invoicing system, every #B2C invoice issued by taxpayer with an aggregate turnover of >500 crores has to have #QRcode on it.


38th GST Council meeting Will Smt. #NirmalaSitharaman increase the #GST tax rate, or will there be a rate cut to balance the #economy? Is there a room for any other possibility? Stay tuned …Read the highlights #GSToon #Comic

The Bench

Filing Due Date of GSTR9-9C Before the 38th GST Council meet the industry anticipated that the GSTR -9 & 9C will be further postponed. Read here to know more


The #GSTN has already blocked around 3.5 lakh GSTIN from generating EWB, on account of non-filing of their #GSTR for the month of September and October.

E-invoicing Myth Buster

E-Invoice generation is that it has to be generated through the #GST portal only !! In reality, any accounting software that can generate an invoice in the right format,can be used for eInvoicing.

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