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IRIS Peridot

IRIS Peridot is a handy and easy to use GSTIN search app which helps you to verify the correctness of a GSTIN by validating it with GST system. For valid GSTINs, the status of returns filed can also be viewed in the app.

IRIS Peridot is more than just an app. It is a searchable data repository and available via APIs and is designed to take in additional data sets in future.

What makes IRIS Peridot app unique is the ability to recognise GSTIN from any cluster of text. All you need to do is, scan the surface which could have the GSTIN printed. IRIS Peridot analyses the text to identify the GSTINs and once identified, the same gets checked with GST system. Additionally, you can also type a GSTIN and get the details in the app.

GST data available in IRIS Peridot includes GSTIN,Taxpayer GST Return Status and HSN.


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GST Identification number or GSTIN is a 15-character unique number provided by Government to every registered tax payer.
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Who can charge and collect GST
Only the holders of valid GSTIN are allowed to charge and collect GST on the supplies
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Taxpayers need to mention their GSTIN
It is necessary that the taxpayers mention their GSTIN on the invoices prepared by them. Further, the GSTIN number needs to be mentioned on the sign boards in their premises.
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Role of GSTIN in filing the returns
GSTIN also has an important role in the return filing as it identifies the registered business thus can help ensure a genuine of B2B transaction. The correctness of your counterparties GSTINs has a direct impact on your ITC claim.
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