Map Your Data

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Key in data or map your other file formats – Refer Resources section on web portal link:

Map data from source files

Here for the desired output as per the utility tool of E-Way bill, you need to map your excel fields with the fields given in Topaz lite.

In this tool, For every action i.e. Generate, Update, Cancel and Reject, we provided a separate sheet for mapping.

Firstly you need to select work item i.e. Generate E-way bill/ Update Vehicle/ Update transporter/ Extend validity/ Reject / cancel E-way bill/ Consolidate E-way bill.

So e.g. if you select Generate E-way bill, then you will find one mapping sheet named as “Map_Generate_Bill” or

if you select Update vehicle, then you will find one mapping sheet named as “Map_Update_Bill”

Here in every mapping sheet “in F column“, firstly you need to provide your “Excel sheet name” secondly the “Header row number” and then map your excel fields headers with the headers in utility. So this completes your process of mapping. It is a one-time activity of mapping.

Please find below screenshots of each mapping sheet:

1. Generate E-way Bill

2. Update Vehicle

3. Cancel Vehicle

4. Reject E-way Bill

5. Extend Validity 

6. Update Transporter

7. Consolidate E-way Bill

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