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As registered taxpayers, entities need to file various returns based on their nature of business and the type of registration obtained. GSTR 6, the return for Input Service Distributors, is now available in IRIS Sapphire.

The filing due date for GSTR 6 has been further extended to 31st July 2018 and the return for the period from July 2017 to June 2018 can be filed by July 31.

GSTR 6 consists of B2B purchases which flow from GSTR 1 of suppliers and action needs to be taken on such invoices. The distribution of ITC to the other GSTINs within the PAN also is part of the return. You can read more about the scope and rules for GSTR 6 here.

The workflow for GSTR 6 process is similar to the other returns done in IRIS Sapphire

  1. Upload the data as per IRIS Input format and view the uploaded data.
  2. Get auto-drafted invoices as available in GSTR 6A from GST system. These are the invoices which are uploaded by your counterparties.
  3. Reconcile and take actions on the invoices
  4. Create and Save the data to GST system and get a comparative view between IRIS and GST system summary

After verifying the summary, you can finish the filing of GSTR 6 on GST Portal.

Refer to the GSTR 6 Return Preparation for more details.

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