Cancel EWB through IRP

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If you have generated E-way bill through IRN and if you want to cancel that E-way bill then you can use this action of “Cancel EWB through IRP”.

Once you generated E-way bill (EWB) then in EWB generated column you can see the green tick and if you click on it then you will see the E-way bill response i.e. E-way bill no., EWB generated date, EWB validity date and Status.

5 Cancel EWB through IRP


6 EWB response

If you want to cancel this E-way bill then you just need to select that invoice and click on action button “Cancel EWB through IRP”. Kindly note that cancellation is allowed only within 24 hours of E-way bill generation.

7 Cancel EWB through IRP new

Once the cancellation is done successfully, you can see the cancel EWB response symbol under the EWB response column. And after clicking on the symbol, you can get cancel details.



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