Getting Started with IRIS Credixo

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For all Banks, and Financial Institutions, access to credible, periodic, and granular data are critical for bringing efficiency in credit evaluation and portfolio monitoring. Hence with the adoption of new technologies and digital platforms, access to customer data and intelligent data-based credit decision-making  solutions has become a reality.

IRIS CREDIXO, our solution in the digital lending space, is conceptualised to make the insights and intelligence available in a simple & lucid form for consumption. IRIS CREDIXO is architected to plug-in and process multiple data sources, offering you insights for taking quick analytical decisions and making the evaluation and monitoring process efficient and seamless.

1.  Account Set Up

This is the on-boarding process where an account for the entity will be setup by IRIS team. Also, an invitation will be sent to the user who will be the first Admin for your entity. Subsequently, user management can be done by your Admin user.

2. User Sign-up

Users can sign-up themselves by going to IRIS Credixo portal.

3. Get data and insights
You can get the data and insights once the account is set up and users are assigned. Every request is termed as an ‘Order’. The users can place orders by providing the inputs needed. After processing the order, the data and sights will be made available.

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