Upload data for GSTR 6

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Upload invoices

To start the filing process, you need to upload your ISD invoices. The data needs to be as per IRIS Input formats.

So for this upload, firstly select taxpayer i.e. GSTIN for which you want to upload invoices and then select return
“GSTR 6”

Steps to follow:

1. Click on ‘Browse’ option to select CSV or zip file from your system.
2. Select the file to be uploaded and click ‘Open’
3. Click on ‘Upload’ option to upload the invoices
4. You will see status as ‘IN PROGRESS’ in the upload history table (In case file is in queue for further processing then status would be ‘UPLOADED’). Once the file passes all the technical validations, the status will change to ‘SUCCESS’. In case of any structural errors, you will get status as ‘FAILURE’. You can click on the structural errors in the result column to review the errors. Once error solved in a file then upload that error free file.

Now go to view section.


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