Analyse Mismatched Invoices

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Analyse Mismatched Invoices

Once you are done with auto-triggered smart reconciliation and advance reconciliation on invoices in supplier only and purchaser only, now you also have one advanced reconciliation option through which invoices kept under value mismatch and invoice mismatch category, can move those as deemed match invoices.

Option to run this advance reconciliation on the basis of counterparties is also allowed. On maximum of 10 counterparties at a time, you can apply this counterparty filter. If you didn’t apply any counterparty filter then on all counterparties, these advance reconciliation rules will get run.

So here you need to set a tolerance limit.

1. Move from Value Mismatch within below Tolerance (only if pos, rchrg, and invtyp match)

The first rule is for pure value mismatch. If there are values mismatches and other fields (like pos, RCM and invoice type ) are completing matching then by using this rule and providing tolerance limit you can move these value mismatch invoices to deemed match.

Here you need to provide which action you need to take on invoices like Accept Supplier Only or Accept Purchaser Only.

Also, need to select on which parameter you want to run this tolerance like on Invoice value/Taxable value/Tax amount. E.g. if you select “Apply tolerance on Tax amount” then the difference in invoice value and taxable value get ignored. Tolerance will be calculated by taking base of Purchaser value i.e. Tolerance = Purchaser value – Supplier Value. It means if tolerance entered as positive value, here purchaser value is more than supplier value i.e. more ITC claimed. In apply tolerance on tax amount, you get two options whether you want this tolarence include cess amount or exclude cess amount. So as per you requirement select the option and apply the tolerance.

2. Move from Invoice Mismatch within Tolerance for Invoice Value (only if pos, rchrg, and invtyp match)

This second rule is related to mismatch only in invoice value which also has other fields like pos, RCM and invoice type are matching. And by setting tolerance limit and selecting tolerance on Invoice value you can move these invoice mismatch invoices to deemed match category.

Once you selected rules which you want to run then click on “Submit”. After submission, you can see request status in Get History.

Once request completed. You can see within tolerance set by you, mismatch invoices got moved to Deemed Match category.


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