Introduction to Business and User Management

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At IRIS Topaz platform, all GSTINs related to one organization can be grouped together. Further, if the entity has multiple operating units within the state, these can be included in the structure as additional place of business.

Defining the business is the first step in getting started with IRIS Topaz.

Now there are two options to build a business hierarchy

Option 1: For existing IRIS Sapphire users building business hierarchy in IRIS Topaz will be more easier because in IRIS Sapphire they will get an option to export hierarchy from sapphire. So in the exported CSV file they just need to provide some mandatory details like address, POB, NIC username and password. After updating all the details in the exported CSV they now need to import this CSV file in IRIS Topaz. That’s it, the business hierarchy will get built in IRIS Topaz.

For detail, process click here.

Option 2: For new users who are not using IRIS Sapphire, they can create business hierarchy by creating CSV file manually and importing it to IRIS Topaz. For this purpose, we will provide you with the CSV template. Other than CSV. option also, you can directly create the hierarchy in IRIS Topaz.

For detail, process click here.

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