Ways to Interact with IRIS Sapphire

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IRIS Sapphire can be accessed through multiple interfaces i.e. manual CSV . upload, SFTP and API method.

Let’s understand about these ways to interact with IRIS Sapphire:

  1. Manual CSV . upload – First way is to manually upload your data in CSV . format on IRIS Sapphire. For downloading input format go to IRIS Sapphire (https://asp.irisgst.com) ->Resource ->Utilities-> Click on input format
  2. SFTP – Second way is through secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). For this, you need to create a secured location where you can store all your data and need to give read-only access to us so that we can pull out your data from that location and push it to our IRIS Sapphire. So providing that ready-only access to us, while setting up business in IRIS Sapphire you need to go to settings there you will get an option to share your SFTP URL and Port Number. By using this SFTP way for uploadation of your data in IRIS Sapphire, you can set up a scheduler like in every week on a particular day pick up data from this location and push it to IRIS Sapphire. For detail, process click here
  3. API Method – Third way is API method. For this, you need to integrate IRIS sapphire API in your ERP system. So through this API, you need to call various API to interact with IRIS Sapphire e.g. Call Upload API to upload your data. For uploading of data there are two ways – one is upload in .csv format and second is upload in JSON format. In this method, there is less human intervention than above-mentioned ways. Also here you can set up a scheduler e.g. every day at so and so time upload data on IRIS Sapphire.
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