Do a lot more with IRIS Topaz Desktop Utility for E-way Bill operations

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IRIS Topaz is a one-stop solution for all the E-way Bill needs and offers multiple interfaces to work with i.e. Web, Desktop and API.

We have added more features to the Desktop Utility, a MS®  Excel-based application, which will enable you to manage all your E-way Bill related tasks simply and quickly.

Here are 5 features, which make things a lot more easier.


With IRIS Topaz Desktop Utility, you need not have to switch between various applications nor need to log on to the E-way Bill Portal. Just set up your business hierarchy and assign users (which could be at your factory, warehouse or any place from where movement of goods take place) through IRIS Topaz Web. After this initial step, download the Desktop Utility and get started!

You can avail our 15-day free trial offer of the full version of IRIS Topaz. For further details please write to and check out our website.

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