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View Section

Here you can view the uploaded details in the respective fields as per the format of the uploaded document.

1. Transactions From Job worker to Manufacturer

Here you can see the transactions from Job worker to manufacturer. Like Goods received back from Job worker, Goods sent to another job worker and Goods directly supplied from the job worker’s place.

2. Transactions From Manufacturer to Job worker
Here you can see the transactions from manufacturer to job worker i.e. Goods sent by manufacturer to job worker for further processing.

Viewing Challan Details:

1. Click on the Document No. to view the details.

2. ‘View Invoice’ section will display challan-level details along with errors/warnings (if any). You can also click on error and warning icons in the Error/Warning tab to see the details.

Filter and download data facility are available.

Delete Invoice

In case you want to rectify an error or modify an invoice, you can delete the invoice from both IRIS Sapphire and GST System. You can delete one, multiple or all invoices.

If ITC 04 has already been created then click on ‘Discard Draft’ on the ITC 04 tab to re-enable delete option.

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