Reconciliation Summary and Category wise Vendor Summary

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Now in the reconciliation module, we are providing reconciliation summaries that are as follows:

1. Summary – To create this summary, click on the vendor summary button. In this summary, the vendor count, the invoice count, taxable value and tax amounts following under various categories like match/value mismatch/invoice mismatch/Supplier only/Purchaser only. This summary is before taking any actions on invoices.

Here the count of invoices and taxable amounts, tax amounts will get bifurcated based on exact match or probable match of invoice numbers. Also bifurcation based on normal or advanced reconciliation is available.

If you click on the vendor count then it will redirect you to category wise vendor summary.

Facility to download summary is also available.


2. Category wise Vendor Summary – It is reconciliation category wise vendor wise details for the whole financial year. Here you will get the comparative view between 2A and 2P data. Also get to know the differences between 2A and 2P details. This comparison is based on invoice count, invoice value, taxable value and tax amount. This summary is before taking any actions on invoices.  Also here if you clicked on GSTIN of Vendor then filter of that vendor will get applied in “Invoice Results“. for the selected category.

Also, the filter facility is available here. Based on vendor GSTIN and reconciliation categories wise you can apply these filters.

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