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In the GST regime, the identity of a business is established with its GSTIN or the GST number which is the business’ legal identity with the government of India.

While most businesses comply with their GST schedules, there are few which forego the responsibility of compliance and do not pass the benefits to taxpayers. There have been cases happening wherein the businesses collect GST from taxpayers, but fail to submit the same to the government.

IRIS Peridot is your partner in finding out such instances and confirming the legal identities of the business which is collecting tax from you.

Here are some new features that released in the latest version in the IRIS Peridot mobile app

1. Get Place of Business Details

It provides POB (Place of Business) details in addition to the principal place of business. This helps the user to know which other establishments being to the same GSTIN

2. Know if a business is eligible to collect tax

Not all GST registered taxpayers are eligible to collect tax. Now when you search a GSTIN, IRIS Peridot will tell you the taxpayer’s eligibility to collect tax. Additionally, now you can report any non-compliance in GST by any of the taxpayer directly through the application


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