Key Points to Note for IRIS Garnet

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Key Points to Note

1. Cleaning special characters –  If you already have your data in .csv format as per IRIS input format but if you want to clean special characters other than / and – from invoice number/Note number then follow below procedure:

  • You need to browse blank rule xml file. To create this rule file go to “Create Rule File” and just select “Return Type” and “Section” and click on “Generate Rule File”. Now just browse that created rule file
  • Now go to Data Preparation
  • Click on “Prepare Data In IRIS Format”
  • Browse your .csv file and blank rule file
  • Then enter return period, sheet no. and Header row no.
  • Then click on Prepare/Validate Data. The file will get created at the same location where you kept your .csv file.

2. Validation of File – If you already have your data in .csv format as per IRIS input format and need to perform only validation then in go to “Data preparation” -> Click on “Perform Validation” -> Browse your .csv data file -> And Click on “Prepare/Validate Data”. If any error found during validation, on UI itself you can see all those errors.

3. Data Transformation – There are some standard rules are built in IRIS Garnet which will get run automatically while conversion of your ERP output. These rules are as follows:

i. In your data, if there are any extra spaces in any cells then those extra spaces will get removed

ii. If any values i.e. Invoice value, taxable value, and tax values are mentioned with more than 2 decimals then in conversion, values will get converted with 2 decimal points i.e. same as required by GSTN. More than two decimal is not allowed as per GSTN. So this conversion will restrict the value up to 2 decimal.

iii. Invoice date, note date, posting date can be converted in IRIS Format if the same is present in any other format. This will be applicable only if the ERP output is an excel file and the date column is in the date format of excel. Else you will have to write your own rule for date conversion.

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