Cancel EWay Bill

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Validation rules for Cancel e-way bill:


Field Name Parameter Name Type Width Mandatory Sample Value Parameter name Additional Comments Error/ Warning in Topaz Error/ Warning Message in Topaz Error Code at NIC Error Description at NIC
GSTIN of User userGstin String 15 Y 29BQSPA3829E1Z2 userGstin
Place of Business companyId
E-way bill Number ewbNo Number 12 Y 1.31E+11 EwbNo
Reason code for cancelling eway bill cancelRsnCode Number 1 Y 2 cancelRsnCode 307 Invalid reason
Remarks for cancelling eway bill cancelRmrk String Max length : 50 Y if “Reason code for cancelling eway bill” is “4” i.e. Others Testing ReasonRem In case if Reason code for cancel mentioned is 4 i.e Others then it is mandatory to specify some remarks for the same. Error Remark is mandatory when reason for cancellation selected is 4 i.e. Others. 308 Invalid remarks


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