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By providing GSTIN, here in utilities section, you can search 500 GSTINs at one go and get those taxpayers details.

If you search basic details and filing status for only one GSTIN then results for that particular GSTIN you can see on UI itself. See below screenshot for your reference

But if you search details for more than one GSTIN then you will get a download link for those details.
And here for two requests i.e. “Search” basic details and “Checking filing status” you will receive two different links to download those files. See the below screenshot for your reference.


As shown in above screenshot Go to “Utilities” -> GSTIN Data-> Enter GSTINs numbers one by one -> Click upon “GSTIN Details” to view registration details of GSTIN and filing details of those GSTINs.

So as per updated feature now, you can see here that you will get a button of “click to download” So once you clicked .csv file will get downloaded.

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