ITC 04 Preparation

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ITC 04 is a quarterly return. It needs to be filed by every principal manufacturer registered under GST and who sent goods to job worker for further processing on those goods.

Now by using IRIS Sapphire, you can save your ITC 04 return details at GSTN portal.

Snapshot of features for ITC 04

  • Upload data in CSV file as per IRIS input format. Input format designed keeping in view the need to absorb changes in the GST Law.
  • Validation of Counter-party GSTIN with GSTN database
  • Filters to VIEW invoices based on parameters like Counterparty GSTIN, challan date, state code etc.
  • Download all or filtered challans. For large volume challans, optimization is being done. While from the application, large volume download can be triggered; there could be the limitation of CSV/Excel to view beyond a certain number of records
  • Fetch GSTR ITC 04 Summary from GSTN – Available as CSV download and consists ofsummary of data available at GST portal
  • Comparison of ITC 04 Summary generated on IRIS portal and GST portal. This comparison will help to reconcile data available on IRIS portal and saved at GST portal.
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