Business Settings

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Business Settings

Once a business is added, you need to specify business level settings. To do this, follow below-mentioned steps:

1. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab on the Business Setting page. On the subsequent screen, there are two types of settings – SFTP and Input Format.

2. SFTP: Specify SFTP URL, Port Number, Username and Password for accessing your SFTP server folder containing

Note: Only those users who have opted for SFTP option for uploading invoices need to specify SFTP settings.

3. Input Format Settings: Specify whether your business will provide invoice level or aggregate level input format for Advance & Tax Paid, Nil and B2CS. However, if B2CS is provided at aggregate level then Nil also needs to be provided at aggregate level.

Also specify whether HSN Summary will be user-generated or system generated. In this case, if any of the Nil or B2CS formats are at an aggregate level, then you need to provide HSN summary also.

4. Remove added business: To remove the already added business, select that taxpayer from hierarchy and click on settings. And then click on Delete. So that entity will get deleted.

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