Cancel IRN

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How to cancel IRN using IRIS Onyx

Cancel IRN-1





  • Cancel IRN action is allowed only for the IRN generated tab
  • Cancellation of IRN can be done only within 24 hrs from IRN generated
  • And also these should not be any active E-way bill present for this IRN. If E-way bill there then first cancel the E-way bill and then cancel the IRN
  • For cancellation, you need to provide a reason and remark

Cancel IRN-2

  • Once the cancellation is done successfully, you can see the IRN response symbol under the IRN response column. And after clicking on the symbol, you can get cancel details.

Cancel IRN-3

Cancel IRN-4

  • Kindly note that once the IRN is cancelled then in the future you are not allowed to send the same invoice details for IRN generation.
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