Introduction to Advanced Reconciliation

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Advanced Reconciliation

Smart reconciliation is auto-triggered reconciliation and results will get bifurcated between Matched/Value Mismatch/Invoice Mismatch/Purchaser Only / Supplier Only.

In this results, there remains some invoices in purchaser only and supplier only categories which are actually comparable but their invoice numbers are not matching. In order to bring these invoices at comparable level, advanced reconciliation is being introduced.

The user will get an option to run advance reconciliation on comparable invoices which are left in Supplier only and Purchaser only categories.

So “Advance Reconciliation” will be manually triggered by the user.

You will get the option of advance reconciliation under the Reconciliation module:

There are two sets of Advanced Reconciliation rule:

1. Analyse Missing Invoices – These rules will run on invoices which left in supplier only and purchaser only category.

2. Analyse Mismatched Invoices – These rules will run on invoices which are in Value Mismatch and Invoice Mismatch category.

Brief Summarized Points

So in brief advance reconciliation is manually triggered and gets applied as per rule selected by the user.

The user will have to select which all logic he wants to run in advanced reconciliation.

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