Process Flow for Advanced Reconciliation

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Process Flow for Advanced Reconciliation

Advance reconciliation is manually triggered. So select GSTIN, financial year and section for which you want to run advance reconciliation. And then select advance reconciliation rules that you want to run. And click on Submit.

Once you submitted your request for running advance reconciliation rules. See the status of the request in Get-History.

Here in history, once your request completed you can see the status as “Completed” and also details of your rule requests in the details column. And one important thing is that you will also see the Username who raised the advance reconciliation run request.

Now go to Results to see invoices which get moved from the supplier only and purchaser only and get recategorized as Match/Value Mismatch/Invoice Mismatch.

In overall summary, you will get bifurcation between invoices compared as per Normal reconciliation logic and Advanced reconciliation logic.

Also in “Invoice” section, you will get come to know about as per which advanced reconciliation rules that particular invoice get recategorized from supplier only / purchaser only to Match/Value mismatch/Invoice mismatch. See below screenshot.

Once you are done with taking actions on reconciled invoices, go to Post Action Summary.
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