Introduction to Topaz APIs

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1. Introduction

The IRIS TOPAZ application consumes client data and allows them to perform common EWB operations including EWB generation, cancellation, updating of vehicle details (or PART B), rejection of EWB generated by others, consolidated EWB generation and others. Here we describe all the APIs that IRIS TOPAZ solution will make available to customers for them to be able to send data making API calls. It define API purpose, parameters to be sent via methods for calling the API and the result of API calls. All the patterns, error message, and success messages are detailed in this document.

Business Hierarchy in IRIS Topaz

IRIS Topaz supports a four level hierarchy with the facility to allot users at any one or all of the levels. This allows for better access control for different users within the same cloud working environment. Also, this makes sure the real-time availability of data across different business centers. User will have to setup the business hierarchy once on the platform.

Illustration of IRIS Business Hierarchy

2. Bird’s Eye View of Data Flow between Taxpayer, IRIS Topaz and NIC system

Illustrative Image of communications between IRIS Topaz, Taxpayer and NIC system

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