Introduction to EWB –Reconciliation

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Introduction to EWB –Reconciliation

This feature will help you to do the reconciliation between documents uploaded for GSTR1 and ITC 04 and documents for which E-way Bills (EWB) are generated.

Also, some transactions are not part of GSTR1 or ITC 04, like Intra stock branch transfer for such cases e-way bill is generated so to reconcile the same provision is provided to do a bulk upload of such dispatches on Sapphire which is termed as Return Type – “EWB-

So below source data is needed for EWB Reconciliation

Source Fetched From
GSTR1 Uploaded on Sapphire
ITC04 – (Manufacturer to Job Worker) Uploaded on Sapphire
EWB-OTHERS (other dispatches) Uploaded on Sapphire


*Please note for GSTR1, ITC 04, EWB-OTHERS all transactions are considered in reconciliation excluding the transactions on which validation error is present.


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