Deemed Match

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Deemed Match

Once you run advanced reconciliation rules for “Analyse Mismatch Invoices“, invoices under value mismatch or invoice mismatch category get moved to Deemed match category if it is in range of tolerance set while running advanced reconciliation rule.

Actions Allowed –

  • Accept supplier invoice – Here you are accepting data that’s come to GSTR 2A i.e. supplier invoice details
  • Accept uploaded invoice – Here you are accepting data that are uploaded by you i.e. your 2P data.
  • In case you have not taken any actions then while creation of final reconciliation report supplier invoice will get considered.

Feature to delete invoice from reconciliation collection as well as from uploaded data is now available. Need to select the invoice which you want to delete and click on “delete 2P”.

Also option to mark ITC as provisional or Actual with the month in which this ITC you want to take, is available. To know in detail click here.

In case if you want to delink any invoice then delink option is also available. In delink history, you will get the details of user who delinked invoices and download of original recon result of delinked invoices.

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