Ways to interact with IRIS Topaz

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IRIS Topaz can be accessed through multiple interfaces i.e. Topaz web portal, Topaz desktop utility tool and Topaz API.

Let’s understand about these ways to interact with IRIS Topaz:

  1. Topaz web Portal – It is web portal. Here first thing that you need to do is to set up your business hierarchyand then start doing E-way bill related functions like here you can generate one by one E-way bill and then in View section you can view all e-way bills generated by you, generated by others as well as e-way bills assigned to you as a transporter. So for to know the process details click here
  2. Topaz desktop utility tool – It is an excel based utility tool. For doing bulk generation of E-way bills as well as taking bulk actions like update e-way bills, cancel e-way bills, reject e-way bills and so on you can use this Topaz desktop utility tool. There is a linking between this desktop utility tool and web portal. So whatever actions and generation you do from this desktop utility it will immediately get reflected in the view section of Topaz web portal. To know the process details click here
  3. Topaz API – It is automated process through which you can generate as well as can take actions on e-way bill. For this, you need to integrate Topaz API in your ERP system. And through these API you can do the e-way bill functions. To know the process details click here.
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