View Ledger Balances

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View Ledger Balances

1. GST system maintains ledgers for each taxpayer (GSTIN). There are 3 Ledgers. 1. Cash 2. ITC and 3. Liability
2. IRIS Sapphire enables viewing of the ledger balances and entries
3. Development of reports and insights based on ledger information is under process

So here for the particular GSTIN, if you want to view the ledger balances then Select that GSTIN and then click on Ledger.

And select ledger type i.e. Cash/ITC/Liability.

Then provide the “From date” and “To date” i.e. a particular period for which you want to view the balances.

And then click on Get transactions.

So it will provide you the complete transactions and balances for that selected period.

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