Take Actions on GSTR 1 data

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There might be a possibility of additional invoices uploaded by your counterparty which need to be addressed while filing GSTR 1. This currently happening most likely in the scenario where you have made outward supplies to a counterparty registered as ISD.

To take care of this kind of scenario, you need to first get such invoices from GST system and then take actions. We have included the option to get actionable invoices in the GSTR 1 returns section.

Under GSTR 1 return, you will see one tab related to GSTR 1 – Actions. Here you need to click on GET DATA  so as to get invoices on which actions are required.


Please note that actions are to be taken for all the additional invoices. The actions allowed are Accept and Reject.

It is recommended to check if any additional invoices are available before you save any data to the GST system for the current month.

We hope this feature will help to ensure consistency between the data submitted in the two returns and also ease your compliance efforts.

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