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21 DAY LockDown Challenge

The country is on a lock-down for 21 days. That is a lot of time folks! Research suggests that it takes 21 days to build a new habit. Well, we all have been using the ‘I-have–no-time’ excuse for all the better-ways-of-living-life things. These are the activities which we always wanted to do, but never got the ‘time’.

There was always a book that you wanted to read or a clutter you wanted to clear, a healthy choice you wanted to make or a lesson you wanted to learn.

So, here at IRISGST, we have come up with a 21 days challenge where we are gearing up to help you with some essentials that are sure to uplift you during this lockdown!

For a healthy Body: So, every day we will be posting 1 Yoga Posture or a Pranayama which is easily doable. We will share its steps, its contraindications and yes, of course, its benefits.

For a satisfying Job: We understand that GST has always kept you awake since its introduction in 2017, so we will update you on #EverythingGSTin21Days. In fact,ask as many questions as you want and we will be happy to answer.

For a sound Mind:A few takeaways or key learning points from the best business or self-help books.

The yoga postures are complied by our content writer Meghana Pawar who also happens to be authorised Yoga Instructor certified by Ministry of Aayush.

The GST dossier is compiled by our domain experts: Bhavika Chothani and Samaira Tolani. Bhavika comes with an extensive 9 years of experience in compliance reporting. A cost accountant, Bhavika is one of the key members and mentor of Client Engagement team. She is also the mind behind our data transformation tool, IRIS Garnet.Samaira, a Chartered Accountant and GST Expert with more than four years of experience in indirect tax works closely on our GSTIN search tool, IRIS Peridot. Both are associated with GST since its introduction.

So,are you ready to take the dive!

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